It’s Official, The Pittsburgh Pirates Have No Hart!

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Well, I guess anyone that has followed the Pirates this spring would know that it was inevitable. The Pirates cut struggling pitcher, Kevin Hart this past week. He had an ERA this spring of 15.43 and walked 17 batters in the eight innings that he pitched.Sports Fan unhappy

This is going to be a familiar sight at the Pirate games again this year. Hey, Hey, Hey, Buccos go all the way!

Big deal, they should of kept him. He was the only chance that the Pittsburgh Pirates had at having a “heart” this year. It’s moves like this that make you wonder what they are up to. If they want to continue to suck year after year, they are going to need guys like Kevin Hart. If they were smart they would try and get Derek Bell back in the lineup. Remember how pissed we were whenever he said that he was on “operation shutdown”?

Little did we know back then, that the Pittsburgh Pirates as an organization were also on “operation shutdown”! In a way you have to give them credit though. It’s not easy being this bad for this long. You really have to work at being such a joke for so long. You figure with the law of numbers, eventually they would win at least one game over .500. Nope, not them. They are real winners when it comes to being losers!

So earlier, the Pirates were looking at Church and Jesus and know it’s official they will play with no Hart.

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3 Responses to “It’s Official, The Pittsburgh Pirates Have No Hart!”

  1. Brother T said:

    Hey now, Bucco’s win the opener! Jump on the band wagon now or get left behind! :-)

  2. admin said:

    Hey, hey, hey, Buccos go all the way!

  3. Ronald smith said:

    they will make a come back when they start to buy the right players

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