Sidney Crosby Proves Again Why He’s One Of The Best

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The Stanley Cup.

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So is Sidney Crosby the best player on the ice? After taking a few days to get over the loss to Canada, I am finally ready to give my take on it. I’ve talked to several people that are really upset that it was Crosby that scored the goal in overtime to beat the United States in Men’s Olympic hockey.

I on the other hand am not upset at all. Sid has to come back and gear up for the last twenty games of the NHL season and hopefully a deep run in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Would you rather him, Gonchar, Fleury and Malkin all come back losers? Especially with the enormous expectations that were put on Sid, he will definitely come back in a better frame of mind than if they would of lost.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted the USA team to win regardless, but at least this is a way to lessen the pain of losing. In the beginning of the games, very few people thought that we would make it very far and what they did, far exceeded most people expectations. I know that the US team expected to win, but most others didn’t. I congratulate Team USA for how great they did, and I have even more respect for Ryan Miller after watching these Olympic games.

I’m ready for the NHL games to start for the Pens tomorrow and get back to normal. I think if the United States wasn’t going to win, then I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. Besides, just think how much you would of hated it if we were playing Russia for the gold and Ovechkin got the winning goal! Now that would of really been hard to take! Great job, Sidney. Let’s go Pens, how about another Stanley Cup!!!!

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3 Responses to “Sidney Crosby Proves Again Why He’s One Of The Best”

  1. Cory said:

    I agree. I wanted USA to win, but I said before the game that the only way Canada winning would be okay was if it went to overtime and Crosby scored the game winning goal. I didn’t know I would be predicting the future with that statement…

  2. admin said:

    Hopefully you can predict what the dice will be rolling so when we’re in Vegas in a few days we can play Craps!

  3. Tdiver00 said:

    Yea Cory, how about sending me the powerball numbers so I can meet yins in sin city! I promise I’ll pay for every thing! :-)

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