This will cheer you up after another Pirates loss

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Well. Let’s be honest, no matter how you analyze it, The Pirates are terrible. So instead of wondering how to make them a better team, why not watch some of these videos. They will make you feel a little better and don’t worry after you’re done watching them, the Pirates will still suck.

Do Unto Others: Messing With People In A Public Restroom

This one’s good. The best part is when the guy shares the urinal with the other guy!

The guy at the 24 second mark is hilarious! I think I may do some of these tomorrow at the gym!

I don’t know what it is about fart jokes. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I still think it’s hilarious!

I saved the best for last! Check out these job interview tactics. My son Cory graduates from Penn State next month, I’m going to let him know about how to act during his next job interview!

Ok. That’s enough of that. Now let’s see if the Pittsburgh Pirates are still a terrible team. Uh, yep. . . . They are, told you they would be.

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  1. Another Direction said:

    Well Kelly, it has been a while since you last posted… Is there nothing exciting going on ?? Come On, A local kid hit the game winning homerun the other night and the draft is approaching !!

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